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Bars and Nightclubs Japan


Bars and Nightclubs Japan

Looking for a bar in Japan? BarsJapan.com brings you the best best bars and nightclubs in Japan! Find bars, nightclubs and a list of the best hangouts, dance clubs and party spots. The most popular nightlife spots are drinking establishments, where most office workers, students, and expatriates go for an evening out. These places include Western-style bars, most commonly found in Roppongi, as well as Japanese-style watering holes, called nomi-ya. Yakitori-ya, bars that serve yakitori and other snacks, are included in this group. Dancing and live-music venues are also hugely popular with young Tokyoites. At the low-end of the spectrum are topless bars, erotic dance clubs, sex shows, and massage parlors, with the largest concentration of such places in Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho district.

Bars and Nightclubs Osaka, Japan Like Tokyo, nightlife in Osaka is very popular. The Kita (North) area that surrounds JR Umeda Station is a nice hang out during the night time. Kita draws a slightly more adult crowd, including lots of businesspeople. The Minami (South) area, located between the Shin-Sai-bashi and Namba districts which include part of Chuo-ku (Central Ward) is mainly famous among kids.
There are plenty of good restaurants and drinking spots for more seasoned bon viands. However, nightlife in Osaka is incomplete without the mention of Osaka's main hang out place, Amerika Mura, in the southern part of Chuo-ku. The place is replete with innumerable bars and clubs. The south area of Osaka that comprises of the famous Nanba and America Miura is the real center of the nightlife in Osaka.
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Nest Saloon

Nest Saloon
Live blues bar
Takatani Building BF1 2-11-5 Nishi-shinsaibashi
Osaka, OSAKA PREFECTURE 542-0086

Phone: +81 ( 0 )6 6211 8675

Blues has long had a relatively large following in Osaka and some of the better acts that pass through the city frequently stop by this lively bar. Even without these, there are regular artists and groups as well as amateur nights where you can catch some surprisingly good talent. The sound equipment and stage facilities are quite good for a bar of its size. And even when there are no live acts, it is still a good place to visit. The drinks - standard as well as some originals - are mixed well and can be as much as JPY1,000.

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