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Bars and Nightclubs Fukuoka, Japan


Bars and Nightclubs Fukuoka, Japan Fukuoka the center of Kyushu culture and commerce in Japan sprinkles its radiance through its smiling crowds, lush mountains, sunny beaches, spacious avenues & lively arcades. However the shining coastal city of Fukuoka transcends into an altogether different genre after the sunsets and it starts bustling with vibrant charms and vivacious energy.
The Nightlife in Fukuoka captivates its admirers with its diverse nightlife destinations. Various bars, pubs and night clubs in Fukuoka sparkles with energy and entertainment as the night moves on. Starting from the quiet refreshing ambience to the loud nightclubs with an elaborate dance floor, nightlife in Fukuoka offers it all.

Most of the popular nightlife destinations in Fukuoka offer an extensive choice of music ranging from soft peppy tones to jazz and popular hip hop music which is ideal to shake the legs in the dance floor. Drink forms the most integral aspect of any nightlife and nightlife in Fukuoka is always accompanied by a great selection of drinks. Nightlife in Fukuoka is at its peak during the weekends and Fukuoka nightlife destinations are visited both by international visitors and local residents. The sizzling nightlife in Fukuoka accommodates everyone's budget and choice, which makes it more appealing.

Android Bar
11-1 Shin-kawabata Building
B1F Hakata-ku
Fukuoka, 812-0026

Telephone: 00 81 92 291 276

Android Bar in Fukuoka is an underground bar and pub. It is one of the sci-fi chic neo-Japanese bars with elegantly decorated interior and wide range of drinks. Cushioned chairs and soft low sofas along with the long glass of cocktails and beer are high point of this bar. Android bar also offers music performances. So one can enjoy the complete nightlife of Fukuoka at Android Bar. Smoking is allowed. This bar also provides facilities for parking.
Blue Bar
3-7-10 Wakamatsu Building
Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture

Telephone: +81 (0)92 262 2002

What else would you call this bar? Everything here is blue! The place was designed, with varying shades of the color, to give the feeling of being in a tropical ocean. Light filters down from above to enhance this feeling, but the longer you are here, the more you have a sense of being suspended elsewhere, like in space. Perhaps it is the liquor you have been consuming. When you here a voice that says, "Hal, what are you doing?," then it is probably time to abandon yourself to other Nakasu attractions and leave this space odyssey behind.
Oak Building 4F 2-18-15
Kego, Chuo-ku
Fukuoka, 810 0023

Telephone: 00 81 (0)92 751 9495

Play Misty for you at this sharp, chic, sophisticated little den in bustling Kego that's a shelter from the human storm on the streets outside. It's quiet and calming indoors, perfect for serious chat with close friends or illicit liaisons with potential lovers. There's a large drinks menu with some classy cocktails and fine wines and whiskey but the gentle ambience and assured service from the outside chaos is the main draw here. Take shelter at Misty.
Tokyo Troy Building 4F,
1-1-10 Maizuru, Chuo-ku

Telephone: (00 8192) 733 1166

A tastefully deconstructed place with a minimalist look. Someone's trying a bit too hard but in Japan it works and there's a feel to this bar that's really quite relaxing. DJs move and groove all night long with a happy crowd of Hip Hop and Soul lovers and the low lights mean anyone can find a cosy hideaway.
Ritz Spooky Mix
Dai 8 Line Building
5th floor 2-4-19, Tenjin

Telephone: (00 8192) 715 8376

Run by a music fanatic and, true to his nation, he's got all the gadgets. Expect sound in all its high-tech glory. DJs diverge as much as the music and no two nights, or dates, are the same. The place is usually filled with appreciative, nodding-in-time music lovers, which leaves the bar banter a little on the dry side, but it's a popular enough place to find a little rhythm of your own.
The Happy Cock

The Happy Cock
9F Neo Palace ll Building
2-1-51 Daimyo

Telephone: 00 8192 734 3686

Happy Cock (The) Bar in Fukuoka is a huge draw for the young population of Japan and international tourists alike. The bar gets jam packed and very loud during weekends, which in a way adds to the fun. Happy Cock in Fukuoka guarantees lip smacking drinks and delicacies to savor. Get a fresh feel as you step inside and expect more. Happy Cock (The) Bar in Fukuoka, is in fact counted as one of the busiest bars in the city.
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