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Bars and Nightclubs Hiroshima, Japan


Bars and Nightclubs Hiroshima, Japan The city of Hiroshima pulsates with scintillating nightlife. The various night clubs, discos, casinos, bars and pubs, all add to the glitz and glam of this city. Nightlife in Hiroshima offers you all information regarding these. Located on the Namiki-dori region, the nightclub Commune is a vibrant and trendy place for the youngsters to party late. Not only among the locals, it is a favorite hangout among the foreign visitors too. Once you reach here, you cannot stop yourself from tapping your feet and set the dance floor on fire!
The entrance fee is quite reasonable. Live DJ music and band performances are major attractions of this club. Another amazing and lively club is Jamaica. This place is packed with an active crowd especially during the weekends. A thorough checking of identification takes place at the entrance. Other popular nightclubs in Hiroshima include Edge and Club Chinatown, hot favorites with both locals and tourists.

Nightlife in Hiroshima also provides ideas on experiencing food, drinks and various entertaining games and activities in Hiroshima. For games and Internet surfing, music and video, you can drop in at Giga. This place offers veritable entertainment opportunities. You can enjoy excellent drinks in the chic and elegant, smart and modern Harry's Bar. Mouth-watering confectionary items, beverages and a whole range of beer are available at the Pronto Bar. For a cozy and comfortable dinner, Wasabi is the perfect place to drop in. Sashimi, tofu, fish and sake are the main items on the menu.

As Time
Hondori L bldg. 2F 2-3
Hondori, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, 730-0035

Telephone: 00 81 82 542 366

A very stylish bar, being cozy at the same time. It is decorated in classic European style and if you look well, you'll realize that the chairs are all different. The lamps as well. They look similar but are not quite the same. This aspect is what makes the place have an at home or with friends atmosphere in a way. The jazz is always exquisite and the sound system excellent. Ask the Bar Master for some Stan Getz, his favorite, or perhaps some Coltrane / Hartman (They say it's wonderful) matches wonderfully with the whole scene.

Cafe Cheers
2F 3-12-3 Yokogawa-machi
Hiroshima, 733-0011

Phone: +81 82 295 5799

Cafe Cheers is a cafe and bar decorated with a collection of both Western and Japanese porcelain pieces, as well as with more traditional Japanese pottery and artwork. These pieces are also for sale. The cafe is spacious and finished with varnished wood floors and tables with long outdoor-type benches, giving it a very warm and cozy "log-cabin" atmosphere. The menu includes Japanese dishes, such as sashimi, as well as American-inspired dishes--pizza, sausages and fries, or garlic chicken wings. A basic drink menu of mainly beer and inexpensive wine make it a great place for a small group gathering.

Chez Tan
3-12 Nagarekawa-cho
Hiroshima, 730-0028

Phone: +81 82 246 1124

This restaurant is a prime example of the keen ability of the Japanese to take an idea from abroad, refine it, and make it something essentially Japanese. Chez Tan's owner-chef studied in France and specialises in creating appetisers from unusual combinations of ingredients, such as innards and mushrooms or sardines and fruit. Patrons are requested to remove their shoes, to make them feel at home.

5F Tsubaki Building 3-12 Yagenbori,
Hiroshima, HIROSHIMA PREFECTURE 730-0027

Phone: +81 82 247 3999

The sign at the start of the staircase says "What a hell going on," and one might well wonder at this dimly lit, top floor space with a balcony view. Deep and dark house, soul and funk music is the norm here, with guest DJs or live bands prompting the occasional cover charge. The music is good, but the dance floor, as there is not really enough space for grooving. This actually keeps Cross from getting too crowded. The usual run of drinks is served at JPY700 each.
D Bar, Donbei Island
39296 Fukuro-machi
Hiroshima, 730-0036

Telephone: 00 81 82 248 2137

The coolest, classiest cocktail bar in town with drinks from all over the world, including the fashionable and once-forbidden absinthe. It's all very dark, swish and sophisticated: waiters wear white aprons over elegant black dinner suits and hover obediently over smoke-filled tables where the credit card customers have gathered in conference. The most prominent light is a blue glow reflecting from bottles stacked high behind the bar. Every cocktail under the 'Empire of the Sun' is here for you to sample, at prices that seem to reflect costs required to courier the stuff. But then again, you're paying for elegance. Regulars come early to get a seat.
Flat Blue Spot
44378 Fukuromachi
Hiroshima, 730-0036

Telephone: 00 81 82 545 4956

Ok, it's mostly a day-time spot where ice cream, coffees and cakes are more popular than martinis and margaritas, but they do make a mysterious 'calpis and vodka' cocktail special that's so sweet and smooth we forgot to even ask what calpis is. Your setting is typically sino-sleek - an airy open-plan space with much steel and high glass, perfect to people-watch or laze away afternoons reading on the window-side sofas. Even better though, there's a second floor terrace outside where parasols provide shade from the Hiroshima heat and those calpis go down a treat in the sun.
Town Shintenchi Building
5F 5-21 Shintenchi, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, 730-0034

Telephone: 00 81 82 240 0007

Grog is a relatively new, very chic cocktail bar located next to Okonomi-mura. Furnished with simple, minimal decor, its atmosphere comes from its dark, sexy lighting and plain glass windowing, which looks out onto the street and Parco. There is seating for eight to ten at the bar, or you can go for the more intimate two-to-four-seater, high tables. It is a good place to go as a couple for some late-night romancing, or as a small group to end a night out.
Harry's Bar
B1, Apple 2 Bldg.
3-15 Ebisu-cho
Hiroshima, 730-0021

Telephone: 00 81 82 541 1051

A dark, atmospheric bar conveniently located at the heart of Hiroshima's main pleasure district, Harry's attracts a large number of foreigners and the city's young and upwardly mobile with its immaculately dressed bartenders and smart, almost classic hotel-style décor. It is a travel through time when the bartenders soberly execute a flurry of rumba dances as they mix the drinks behind the horseshoe bar - a meticulous recreation of a West you have never seen that makes this a peculiarly Japanese experience.

2-9-13 Otemachi
Hiroshima, 730-0051

Phone: +81 082 249 6201

An American-style sports bar, Kemby's has become a popular first ( and last ) stop for drinks and Western food among Hiroshima's expatriates. The bar also supports a large number of local customers. Laid-back and friendly--if sometimes hectic--it is a good place to eat, drink, meet friends or check out a local band. Kemby's features great bar food with a Mexican twist, including burritos and tacos, as well the standard pizza and burgers. Nachos and seasoned french fries are especially popular. Also on the menu are vegetarian choices. Beer selection is limited, but the mixed drinks list is impressive.

One Love
2-11-18 Senda-machi
Hiroshima, 730-0052

Phone: +81 82 246 3767

As the name suggests, One Love is a cafe-bar heavily inspired by reggae music, which it plays quietly in the background. Located in the area where the old Hiroshima University used to be, it is a little inconvenient to get to but worth having a look. Walk through the heavy curtains inside the front door, and you step into another world. With a carpet of leaves and petals underfoot, soft lighting and wooden barrels for tables, the ambience is relaxed and mellow. The menu offers a variety of beverages, and tasty light meals of Southeast Asian inspiration.

2-19 Fukuro-machi
Hiroshima City, 730-0036

Phone: +81 ( 0 )82 246 0019

From the reproductions of Sistine Chapel frescoes prominently displayed behind the counter, to the thick steamed milk floating delicately on the surface of your cappuccino, this pulsating café takes great pains to evoke the frantic but cool atmosphere of Italy in the midst of Hiroshima's premier shopping grotto. Pastries and cakes are available during the day. The quality of the coffee lends support to Pronto as a homage to La Dolce Vita. At night the coffee counter converts to a bar and shoppers are replaced by chatting beer drinkers preparing for an evening at nightclubs nearby.

Manzoku-ya Bldg. 2F 5-6
Horikawa-machi, Naka-ku
Hiroshima, 730-0033

Telephone: 00 81 82 246 7665

This small cocktail lounge/cafe makes a pleasant visit simply to enjoy its attractive, modern interior. Black and white minimalism bests describes it, while the guests tend to be nicely dressed women. On the second floor there is "space" ( where the name comes from ) consisting of comfortable sofas and tables. Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and light edibles like cake are on the menu, with prices approaching JPY1,000. No, it is not cheap, but the ambiance is worth it to many.
The Great Rock Music & Bar B.A.D
7F 2-2-7 Kamiya-cho ( above KFC )
B.A.D is said to be Hiroshima's first specialty shot bar with a rock music theme, which is partially a result of the owner's collection of over 3,000 CDs. Requests are taken, so if you're in the mood to listen to your favourite songs in a relaxed, casual environment, this is the place. Group bookings are also taken for up to 40 people, at either JPY3,000 per person for two hours all-you-can-drink, or an extra JPY1,000 if you order snacks. An array of beer and cocktails are all priced at JPY500, which includes tax.

Hacchobori branch,
7-18 Teppo-cho

Phone: +81 82 211 5225

Wasabi, named after the famous Japanese mustard used in sushi and sashimi, is a traditional chain restaurant with several branches in Hiroshima and three in Tokyo. With partitioned rooms designed to give maximum privacy to diners, Wasabi is perfect for both large and small groups, and there is no pressure to rush through your meal. The menu includes Japanese favorites such as sashimi ( raw fish ), fried tofu, and various seasonal fish dishes, as well as a selection of sake ( Japanese wine ) types to choose from, all reasonably priced.
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