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Bars and Nightclubs Kobe, Japan


Bars and Nightclubs Kobe, Japan Although Kobe doesn't have as diverse a nightlife scene as Osaka does, its compactness is an advantage -- virtually all of the best bars are within walking distance of each other. Kobe is also regarded as the center of Japan's thriving jazz scene. Let dusk settle in and you will feel the magic in the air, as nightlife in Kobe springs into high gear.
The nightclubs in Kobe and the bars & pubs in Kobe are lit up in all their finery to catch the eyes of the night raiders who are on their prowl. Nightlife in Kobe has its unique charms, scents and sounds and it's very hard to resist the lures.

Nightlife in Kobe has attractions lined up to suit varied tastes. Party animals, quiet drinkers, ones who prefer to jive the night away and the ones who are more into a varied musical fare to sooth their frayed nerves at the end of the day. There's something for everyone in terms of the Kobe nightlife.

Take for instance, the Sally's Sports Bar and Club or the Café 45 Sports Bar and Club , the glittering jewels of nightlife in Kobe. These drinking joints feature many choices as regards indoor games and also have facilities for watching sports telecasts and hence attract the sports freaks in droves. There is also ample space in the dance floor for you to shake your leg in merry abandon to some groovy beats.

For the foodies out there, nightlife in Kobe has options aplenty for most of the bars and nightclubs has have snacks and dishes on offer. But for the real connoisseur, a trip to the Troop Café, Kobe is a must. This is a Kobe nightlife haunt that is actually more known for its wining and dining experience.

Nightlife in Kobe flaunts some real lineage too. Smokey Bar, Kobe was founded way back in 1955 and it's still going great guns. So is the Second Chance Bar, Kobe, with its very peppy Hawaiian décor and an ambience to match.

Flout the curfew hours and jump into the wild bandwagon that nightlife in Kobe is all about. Whoever had said something about going early to bed and rising early, obviously hadn't experienced the charms of nightlife in Kobe.

Cafe 45 Sports Bar and Club

Cafe 45 Sports Bar and Club
Kodan Nunobiki Bldg B1F
3-2-1 Nunobiki-cho
Kobe 651-0097

Telephone: 078-241-3000

Cafe Forty-Five is a Kobe-based sports bar that opened in July 2004 and is just a six-minute walk from Sannomiya Station. We are located directly across from Lineup - Cafe Forty-Five's partner store that deals in Snowboards. Forty-Five features three tv projectors-the largest a massive 180 inches - a DJ booth, foosball tables, darts, and a miniramp (open till 11 pm).
Chicken George

Chicken George
2-17-15 Shimo-Yamate Dori
Just west of Ikuta Shrine

Phone: 078/392-0146

This place is one of Kobe's most popular for 20-somethings in search of well-known Japanese music acts, including pop, jazz, and alternative. It's easy to spot with its grungy, graffiti-filled exterior; the inside is dark and cavernous. Though there's table seating for more mellow acts, sold-out sets mean everyone stands. Check Kansai Time Out for concert listings. Open daily 6 or 6:30 to 10pm.
Hotel Okura Kobe
2-1 Hatoba-cho
650-8560 Japan
Tel: +81 78 333 0111
The ideal place to unwind after a busy day, Main Bar - Emerald serves up an extensive collection of beverages from around the globe. Sip on your favorite drink in the company of friends or simply drop in for a cool beverage!

Garage Paradise
1-13-7 Nakayamate Dori
Kobe Yamashita Building, basement.
On Yamate Kansen Dori east of Higashimon

Phone: 078/391-6640

Candlelight, gauzy curtains draped from the high ceiling, Roman statues, a copper and stone bar, and stone walls set the scene at this basement with five sets of good, live music Friday through Sunday nights and DJs the rest of the week. The interesting setting attracts the local foreigner clientele. Open daily 6pm to 4am (Sun and holidays to 2am).

1-chome Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku
Kobe 650-0002

Phone : +81-78-291-1121

Quiet Lounge for Drinks and Listen to Jazz. On the top floor of CROWNE PLAZA Hotel (the tall narrow building) just outside of Shin Kobe Station.
Sally's Sports Bar and Club

Sally's Sports Bar and Club
Inaba Building 2F
(above Lawson)
1-5-8 Nakayamatedori
Kobe 650-0004
tel: 078 393 3132

A spacious fusion of bar, club and pool lounge with Kobe's biggest full service bar, friendly staff and discerning music from DJs and live bands. 2 bars, comfortable couches, championship pool tables, darts, 8 televisions and a big screen, live stage area and room to boot. Sally's is Kobe's first WIFI bar, offering free high speed Internet access to our customers with compatible equipment.

Second Chance
2-1-12 Nakayamate Dori
Takashima Building, 2nd floor. On Yamate Kansen Dori west of Higashimon and catty-corner from Nishimura coffee shop

Phone: 078/391-3544

This all-nighter, in business an astonishing 28 years (which makes it older than most of its customers), is a small, one-room bar favored by night owls who don't mind the rather sparse furnishings with Hawaiian touches. Decorated with surfboards and mock thatched roofs, it's where people congregate when the other bars have had the good sense to close down for the night. Open daily 6pm to 5am.

1-9-1 Nakayamate Dori
North of the station on the left side of Kitano-zaka


This place is one of a kind -- a tiny bar with only eight seats at the counter, all under the watchful eye of 80-something bartender Kamogawa-san, who worked at several hotels (he even served Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio at the old Kobe Oriental Hotel) before opening his own bar in 1955. Now the oldest bar in Kobe, it's filled with memorabilia of a lifetime, and if you ask, Kamogawa-san will drag out his photographs of actors, actresses, comedians, baseball players, sumo wrestlers, and politicians who have sat here. He's also likely to show you a few of his magic tricks when he's not busy changing records on his old player. There's no cover or table charge, but the average bill is about ¥4,000 ($33). (There are never prices posted in these kinds of bars and there are no menus; most customers are regulars and they don't come just for one drink -- they come for the evening. The price above includes snacks like nuts and whatever other dishes are offered that day.) Since this place is tiny, even regular clientele often call to reserve a seat. Open Monday to Saturday 5 to 11:30pm.
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