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Bars and Nightclubs Nagoya, Japan


Nightlife areas include Sakae, Nagoya Station, Fushimi. Further from the center of the city you will find great restaurants, bars and cafes - mainly along the Higashiyama and Tsurumai subway lines in the up-market Yagoto, Irinaka, Motoyama and Imaike districts. The nightlife in Nagoya caters to any and all interests, ranging from book-talking and poetry-reading coffee shops to a masochistic night at a sketchy club. And, of course, a wide range of activities in between.

The hub of Nagoya's nightlife is Sakae, where you can mingle with the locals at any given hour of the night. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in which to sit around and drink and eat, so just pick one with an atmosphere that suits your mood. For live music, try Memory Lane for a taste of the blues or Gary's Motown for R&B or Motown sounds. Nova Urbana hosts live samba shows regularly and Club Quattro Nagoya gives you a wide variety of music to choose from.

Bottom Line Nagoya
4-7-11 Imaike
Metro Building 2F
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Imaike Station

+81 (0)52 741 1620

Yes, Nagoya has a Bottom Line. It is a sister to the famed club in New York and, as such, regularly presents high-level performances of popular music acts. Shows include famous Japanese pop bands that attract teenage fans, as well as more established international acts that are popular with the baby-boomer bunch. The interior format can vary greatly depending on the program. Seating up to 300, or more if SRO. A small selection of drinks and snacks are available at the bar.m

Cafe Elm
2-4-5 Fukiage
Fukiage Station

+81 52 733 0085

Unique nightclub dedicated to chanson and other romantic styles of music. A must for fans. It features live acts every night by local artists and guests from other parts of Japan and overseas. Small and cozy, seating approximately 50, with a utilitarian interior given some atmosphere by strategically placed drapery and lighting. Fare is plain (music is what is important here) with house wines and carafe, along with soft drinks and a small selection of whisky. Door charge includes one drink and a small dish of appetizers.

Club Diamond Hall
2-1-9 Shinsakae
Unryu Flex Building, West Wing 5F
Shinsakae Station

+81 52 265 2665

One of several small halls in Nagoya to catch popular music with domestic and international stars appearing on its stage. This one actually has tiered seating behind the large main floor, so the arrangement and atmosphere can change depending on the performance and the size of the audience. With a seating capacity of up to 800, shows range from recitals of local dance schools to internationally known popular music bands. A small bar offers a modest selection of drinks and light snacks.
Club Quattro
3-29-1 Sakae
Parco, East Mansion 8F
Yabacho Station

+81 52 264 8211

As one of a small chain of nightclubs in major cities across Japan, this club regularly books up-and-coming bands that have hits on the charts but are still too new to fill large concert halls. With a capacity of only a few hundred, it is possible to see some of the latest popular music in a close, intimate atmosphere. Sellouts and SRO nights are common. Established bands, or their individual members, on solo or revival tours also show up occasionally.
Country Joe
2-8-9 Shinsakae
Shinsakae Station

+81 52 251 5770

A long established bar run by a fan of American country music. Warm, cozy, friendly are all adjectives that would describe the atmosphere that “Joe has created here. A musician himself, Joe often has live acts, local musicians and the occasional special guest, on the tiny stage in the back that play good ole country-and-western and other country-flavored music (albeit with a Japanese accent). Simple eats, a selection of beers and cocktails, and the ubiquitous bottle keep are all available for reasonable prices. Door charge for live music starts at JPY500, depending on whose playing.
Jazz Inn Lovely
1-10-15 Higashi-sakura
Hisaya-odori, Sakae Stations

+81 52 951 6085

With a central location, a long history, and a shadowy, intimate atmosphere, this is one of the premier places in Nagoya to enjoy live jazz. Regular acts include local, national and international artists. Opened 30 years ago, Lovely patrons have seen some of the regular artists that appear on the stage here go on to become nationally known recording stars. Live music starts at 8pm and admission (none after 11.30pm) varies with the artist playing.

Nova Urbana
4-2-7Sakae East Building B1

Phone: +81 ( 0 )52 263 0354

This restaurant caters to the large Brazilian population in Nagoya and the surrounding area as well as locals and other foreigners, so it is probably the most genuine Brazilian restaurant in the whole of Japan. The atmosphere is straight out of Rio. Before you even open the door you hear, almost feel, the sound of samba from the live bands that play nightly. Go along hungry and try out the barbecue of beef, pork, chicken and sausage or the meat or bean stews. Wash them down with local or imported beers, then relax and enjoy the music with Brazilian cocktails.

Plastic Factory
32-13 Kanda-cho

+81 90 9894 9242

Flashing lights, foot-tapping music, and vibrant colors welcome you to the Plastic Factory. The place was earlier used as an old plastic manufacturing unit, but in its new avatar, it stands as one of the hip joints in Nagoya. The in-house DJ renders lively tracks, and plays everything from trance to house. On weekends you will find a live band playing to a packed house. The bar is well-stocked and serves amazing concoctions throughout the night. The club is also hired for private parties and product launches, so do check the program schedule before making your plans.
Star Eyes
G House Building 1F
3-4-1 Kikuzaka-cho, Chikusa-ku
Kakuozan Station

+81 52 763 2636

Jazz thrives in Japan, and this place is one of the best in Nagoya to hear some really good live acts, as well as partake of some good eats and drinks. A little off the beaten track, but still easy to get to, this place also offers a slightly more spacious venue and a more rational layout than many such “live houses in town. Live bands include local artists as well as national and international guests. Admission for live music varies.
1-6-8 Imaike
Blue Star Building 2F
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Imaike Station

+81 (0)52 733 3709

A relatively new establishment, this nightclub is making a name for itself by providing entertaining shows in a totally unpretentious manner. The interior is simply a rectangular space with a stage at one end and a bar to one side with tables, chairs, and benches occupying the middle. Music is featured, and ranges from local amateur bands to internationally recognized artists - a grab bag of entertainment. The owner here refers to his place as an 'open house/live house'. Drinks start at around JPY500, simple eats from JPY350 to JPY750.
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