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Bars and Nightclubs Tokyo, Japan


If a contest were held for the World's Most Entertaining City, Tokyo would certainly rank among the finalists. Night and day, on a shoestring budget or on a big expense account, you can find fun here at every corner. Adult entertainment reaches its crescendo in Tokyo at night. The most popular playground among visitors is Roppongi, where you will find every form of fun known to man ( and woman ).

You can strut your stuff on the dance floor at Velfarre. Enjoy the world's most wondrous "eye candy" at Seventh Heaven. You can stop at numerous piano bars, jazz spots, karaoke clubs and mock casinos ( note: gambling for money is illegal in Japan, although playing for prizes is not ). And if you happen to tire of Roppongi's dusk-till-dawn excitement, there are always the urban play zones of Shibuya, Akasaka, west Ikebukuro, Yoshiwara ( near Asakusa ) and that notoriously bawdy section of Shinjuku known as Kabukicho.


6th Avenue
Like being in 1930's Chicago
The Tokyo Chuo Ku Ginza 6-4-9
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 104-0061
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3573 3949

Al Capone, bootleg, Chicago underground ... these are some of the images conjured up when one enters 6th Avenue. Definitely 1930's, it is famous for its wide selection of brandies from that nostalgic era. It caters mostly to the salaried businessman of Tokyo. Suits are the preferred attire, but on weekends, casual wear is acceptable. Bourbon, scotch and cocktails are readily available but the extensive collection 1930's brandy makes a visit worthwhile. Nuts and other light snacks are served.

Bar Drop
Drop in, dance and drop out
Ichibei Building 2F 1-29-6 Kichijoji
Musashino City, TOKYO PREFECTURE 180-0000
Phone: +81 ( 0 )422 20 0737

Combining the atmosphere of a relaxed bar and a stylish club with occasional live music, this spot is unique in Tokyo. The range of music that is put out by the DJs go from soul, latin, and 60s pop to house and trance. Regardless of the mood you are in, let the music here uplift your soul and go ahead and dance until you drop. Cover starts at JPY2,000, which includes two drinks. This is a great place to dance and party with a younger crowd.

Bar Spirito Yo
Relaxed drinking spot
4-1-6 Nishi Azabu, B1F
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 106-0031
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3499 4440

Elegant yet unpretentious, this bar appeals to the man who is firmly established in life yet does not take it too seriously. Suits are mostly worn except on Saturdays when clothing is generally more relaxed. The interior is sleek and relatively spacious. Well lit, it is a place to chat and at the same time enjoy a favorite drink. The food is Italian with pastas and salads available. The omelet rice is particularly recommended. Drinks range from a selection of original in-house cocktails, concocted by skilful bartenders, to spirits.

Bask Bar
Very Mediterranean
5-18-20 Roppongi-Five, 1F
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3583 5722


A touch of the Mediterranean in its design, timber lines the interiors of this unique bar in Roppongi. It is very spacious and welcoming, and is perfect for a relaxing evening. The bar caters mostly to the older and established crowd of Tokyo and is one of those places where suits are the acceptable attire. Skilled bartenders concoct some interesting cocktails for those with sophisticated tastes. Bourbon, brandy and scotch are also served. Food offers include snacks, an array of nuts, beef jerky and the like.
Black Sheep
1-7-12 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 170-0013
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3987 2289
Fax: +81 ( 0 )3 3983 0486


With affordable drinks, congenial staff and Kilkenny and Guinness on tap, this is one of the few international pubs in Ikebukuro. No expense has been spared to make a comfortable atmosphere. Live bands play late on Wednesday to Saturday. Some of the best pub food available in Ikebukuro can be found here: fish and chips, garlicky pizza, steak and chips, a wonderful chicken basket, and an assortment of snack foods. The staff are friendly and speak English and will be happy to make recommendations.
Dai2 Aoi Building B-1 6-1-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3475 1629


In the words of John Lennon: "Most peculiar, mama." The staff and management are easy to spot for they are all adorned in strange costumes, fitting in nicely with the decor of elaborate lights and such. It all helps set the tone for a wild night of drinking and dancing to songs from the 70s and 80s. The house DJ harbors over 30,000 LPs, making it easy to honor all requests. Weekends tend to get very crowded, attracting a young clientele. Oddly enough, Cuban cigars are sold here.

34-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya Shibuya ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 150-0042
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3780 0715

If you want to know what Tokyo nightlife is all about, then head straight to the Cave nightclub. You will find everyone from sober professionals, lame teenagers to Saturday night party animals here. You can down few drinks, shake a leg, or simply socialize with the local crowd. Enjoy the loud music and the live performances and party the night away!

Club Asia
1-8 Maruyamacho Shibuya ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 150-0044
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3402 8000

Club Asia is not like any other sleazy nightclub. This Shibuya hot-spot is not only popular with the local youngsters, but also foreigners and tourists from all over. If you like to enjoy your drink in a peaceful ambience with soothing music, then this place should not appear on your list. This lively joint is full of life with live music performances, theme nights and an overcrowded dance floor. This is a classy place, so no wannabes or teenagers with sneakers and backward caps will be tolerated.

Club Dragon
Gay drinking and dancing
2-14-4 Accord Building, B1 Shinjuku San-chome
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 160-0022
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3341 0606

The best-known gay club in the area, this very cruisy club has been around for some ten years. It is usually very packed at weekends from midnight on, but rather empty during the week. Most of the customers are youngish ( 25-35 ) and looking to meet someone. The dance-floor doubles as a backroom for those ( much ) more intimately inclined. The music is extremely high energy and a pleasant mix of techno, Europop, house and J-pop. With the admission price you get one free drink.

Dad's Bar
Kawai Building 2F 2-10-1 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 106-0031
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3400 1537


Favored by advertising people in Tokyo, Dad's Bar offers a casual evening with overtones of sophistication. It mostly caters to the younger crowd, 20 and above. Suits are preferred but casual wear is acceptable. There is a wide selection of fine liquor, including malt whisky, bourbon, cocktails, and brandy. Cocktail lovers will find a good range. Varying kinds of snacks, including selections of cheese and sausages are available. The smoked salmon is recommended.

Fiesta International Karaoke
6-7-14 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 5410 3008

Fiesta is a good place if you have ever had aspirations to be a singer but know that it will never happen. Here, you can sing you heart out and if you come with friends you can all act like fools together. With over 6,000 English songs in stock, Fiesta is one of the better-stocked karaoke bars in Tokyo. You can buy a JPY3,000 food and drink ticket enabling you to eat and drink to the price limit but sing for free. Private parties can be booked.

Fonda De La Madrugada
Party--Mexican style
Villa Blanca B-1 2-23-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, 150-0001
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 5410 6288

Hyping itself as Tokyo's number one Mexican restaurant, the good food and lively Latin music that you get here helps this place to live up to its billing. This is a fun place to come with a group of friends and lively enough for a date too. If you're in the mood, you can get up and dance with the staff or your friends. Be sure to try the sangria--diners can usually get a complimentary glass with their order.

Hard Rock Cafe
5-4-20 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo, 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3408 7018

This icon is part of the veritable mega-restaurant chain and is the anchor for branches throughout Japan and Asia. Featuring some of Tokyo's most authentic American food, all the popular basics are done well here. Great hamburgers and a full-service bar make it a popular place to start or spend an evening. The lunch specials are not so well known, but are a great deal for those in the know. This location is also popular for foreign athletes and stars. Space is available for parties and special events.
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