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Historic music spot
Koenji Bldg. B-1 2-3-4 Koenji Kita , Suginami-ku
Tokyo, 166-0002
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3339 2727
Fax: +81 ( 0 )3 3339 2727

Jirokichi is the longest running live music house in Tokyo, making it, some say, the best rock venue in all of Japan. Some of the greatest Japanese and foreign musicians have graced its stage, as evidenced by the long list of names autographed on the surrounding walls. Prices are relatively cheap but expect heftier cover charges for bigger name acts. Check its website for band schedules.

Kiki's Pub
Good place for the blues...
1-18-1 Toranomon10 Mori Building Minato-ku
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3503 0940

The notice on the door says it all: "Looking for a bar with hospitality & good service? Then KIKI'S Pub is definitely not for you. But if you're looking for the BLUES, well look no more." Open the door and that is what you will hear. The music is not live, but the collection they have is extensive. Customers are mostly foreign regulars, getting off work in the business district but anyone who has an inclination for blues music is certainly welcome. Happy Hour on Wednesdays between 5p-7p, and on Saturdays between 3p-6p.

Lexington Queen
Star gazing, dancing and sushi
3-13-14 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo, 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3401 1661

A club and restaurant rolled into one--with sushi rolls being the main course and TV and film stars being the dessert. The admission fee gets you into the nightclub and includes a voucher for JPY2,000 worth of food, and the chance to get a glimpse of famous Japanese personalities that frequent this spot. Non-stop partying, 365 days a year, the place gets going later in the evening but come early and energize yourself with sushi prepared by sushi chefs as you watch.

Liquid Room
In the heart of Shinjuku
HUMAX Pavilion-7F, 1-20-1 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku ku
Tokyo, 160-0021
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3200 68


Trendy live club with a variety of touring rock and funk groups stopping off here. In the heart of Shinjuku, this club packs them in on the weekends. Come and feel the rhythm of hundreds of kindred souls sweating it out to some great shows. One-off club nights are immensely popular, with occasional shows during the week. The cover charge JPY2,500.
Calling all party animals
1-13-3 ROOB6 B1 Ebisu-Nishi
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 150-0021
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 5458 2826
Email: info@milk-tokyo.com


Come to Milk on a special night and check out the happening crowd of Tokyo groove to the beats of the most popular bands. You will find weary professionals, who come here to enjoy the live music and spirits, and crazy music fans with huge tattoos and colored hair. The cover charge includes two drinks on normal days, but expect to pay a big amount, if you want to watch your favorite band perform.
Osawa Building 1F 6-1-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 106-0032
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3403 4833


This is arguably the friendliest establishment in Tokyo, with outgoing bartenders and a relaxed crowd, making it very popular. If you want a photo of yourself, ring the bell that is hanging over the bar. Of course you will have to buy a round for everyone at the bar, so it could be an expensive photo! Happy hour is between 6p and 8p. One night of the weekend is theme night; check the schedule at the bar. They have now started serving Bass Ale on tap.

The heart of Ireland in Tokyo
2-15-22 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku
Tokyo, 152-0035
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3723 5533
Fax: +81 ( 0 )3 3723 5533

An Irish pub located in Jiyugaoka, O'Carolan's offers an attractive combination of reasonable prices and lots of open spaces that can accommodate big parties. Seated in one of the comfy stools at the high bar, you can listen to live music nightly, with afternoon concerts scheduled occasionally, though you never know what you will get--Celtic harp, reggae, guitar and sax duo, tap dance and so forth. The food is mainly pub grub, but tasty and substantial enough as a meal. Drinks include Kilkenny's on tap and, of course, Guinness. As an added bonus, the friendly staff is sufficiently bilingual.

Open space and loud music
B-1 Akasaka Sakae Building 6-6-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 107-0052
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3505 0120

If you need to get away from the monotony and suffocation of big city life, then this place is an ideal escape. With huge open spaces and some thundering beats being put out by local DJs, this place is testament to the fact that disco is still alive and well in Tokyo. Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional models of fashion and magazines and dive into an otherworldly soundscape. Happy hour is from 7p-9p. But this place grooves to the beat until early in the morning.

Rock City Noize
World Building B-1 12-9 Udagawa-cho
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 150-0042
Phone: +81 ( 0 )3 3462 2983

A popular youngish rock music bar in Shibuya with well over 50,000 songs available. Come in and check out some of the latest street fashions and fads sweeping the city. Some nights, loud and live acoustic rock shows are on display, with a mix of the good and not so good. The atmosphere resembles a house party occasionally but gets really hopping on the weekends.

Smash Hits English Karaoke Stage Bar
5-2-26 B1 M2 Building Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, 150-0012
Phone: +81 3 3444 0432


Smash Hits is Tokyo's largest English karaoke stage bar with more than 12,000 English songs available. This is the place where you will be sure to find your favorite song and sing it like a star on stage. Those who like to belt it out with the best of them are welcome here. For all of us shower soloists, this is our chance to shine in public or at least have a good time trying! Private parties are welcome.

Tableaux Lounge
Jazz Lounge
Sunroser Daikanyama B1 11-6 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku
Phone: +81 3 5489 2202

Listen to some soul-stirring jazz while taking in the aroma of perfect Cuban cigars or eat a sumptuous meal accompanied by some great French, Italian or American wines. You'll find ad agency hot shots, international brokers and embassy big-wigs here schmoozing and puffing away at their Cubans. Jazz lullaby's and love songs rendered artfully on the baby grand, tinkle in the background of conversations.

Tokyo's leading dance scene
Velfarre Bldg. 7-14-22 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-0032

House, techno, R&B, live stage, massive parties.... If you like to dance, this is your scene. Huge dance floor, great lighting, killer sounds. Two bars off the main floor; private glassed-in seating with a third bar on the mezzanine. They say they close at 1am on weekends, but partygoers have been seen easing out at dawn. One recent gala hosted 1,500 revelers... yes, it is THAT big!

Cool beats on steamy nights
Vuenos Building 1F 2-21-7 Dogenzaka
Tokyo, TOKYO PREFECTURE 150-0043
Phone: +81 3 5458 5963 / +8

If you like to party and boogie to some good beats then this place is for you. With a decent offering of food and drinks available, you can re-energize while you rest but don't expect the music or boppers to stop dancing. Depending on the night, hipsters can get down to hip-hop, techno and increasingly popular Latin beats and rhythyms. A cover charge of JPY1,000 is levied on weekends, with the occasional live band stirring up excitement. There's a cozy VIP room for those in the know with parties welcome.
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