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Bars and Nightclubs Yokohama, Japan


Bars and Nightclubs Yokohama, Japan Yokohama is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. You will find numerous cafes, bars and restaurants that make you vacation in Yokohama all the more enjoyable. Nightlife in Yokohama is something every tourist would like to experience. After all, it's when the true colors of the city unfurl themselves in front of your eyes. The nightclubs in Yokohama are the most sought after places after the dark and tourists and locals

like to hang out and have a grand party time. There are numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs that make nightlife in Yokohama a unique experience. These bars and pubs are great places to have some fun and make you vacation in Yokohama all the more enjoyable. Most of the well known bars serve you the best of beers, fantastic wines and scintillating cocktails that are a treat to your taste buds. There are numerous specialty dishes, delicious cuisines and mouth watering delicacies to be enjoyed with your favorite glass of drink. Some of the bars play juke box music and recreate the nostalgia of the yesteryears.

Some of the nightclubs in Yokohama attract tourists in huge numbers. This is where you swing wild to the famous scores and have a blast during your vacation in the beautiful city of Yokohama.

1890 Saloon CABLE CAR
Yamashitacho 200
231-0023 Kannai
+81 45 662 5303
1890 Saloon CABLE CAR does a pretty good job of recreating the mood of the American West at the end of the 19th century, at least in decor. Its food and drink are a lot more modern in both taste and appearance, and so is the background music, which leans toward modern jazz. Classy wooden tables and a long, polished bar-counter give this bar the feel of old San Francisco. Charcoal-grilled swordfish steak is one of the specialties of the house for just JPY1,400, and it is worth every yen. These start at JPY750.

Actor & Actress
210 Yamashitacho
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
+81 (0)45 662 0909

Actor & Actress is a great place to take a date when you want to create an impression of knowing where the chic of Yokohama while away their time. Most of the clientele are from the established 'in crowd', youngish, urbane and cosmopolitan. You can either sit at a table and enjoy your own company or sit at the counter and engage in conversation with other patrons. Do not worry if you can not speak Japanese; most of the regulars here are more than capable of holding a conversation in English.
Bar Great Harry
214 Yamashitacho
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
213-0023 Ishikawa-cho
+81 (0)45 661 0243
One of the major features of Bar Great Harry is the cocktail-mixing competition that the staff competes in every night. You name your drink, and they will mix it, with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The motif of this bar, both inside and out, is that of a pirate ship. The dark brown solid wooden tables match the beams and counter and look more inviting that any pirate ship you will see in a Hollywood movie. Thus, there is a hint of a nautical ambiance from bygone days, and the dimmed lighting contributes to the romantic mood.
Good drinks, good jazz
Naku-ku Yokohama
+81 45 241 6167
Downbeat has been serving drinks to jazz lovers for more than 40 years, and it is still as popular as ever. The owner's record collection, which totals over 3,000 LPs, provides most of the music, but once a month there is a live session. The lounge-style seats and low tables provide a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your drinks--and the music. Make sure you eat before you drop into Downbeat; the place serves only very light snacks, such as mixed nuts and cheese. There is, however, a very comprehensive drink menu. Bourbon is the most popular drink here and this is closely followed by gin and lime, an unusual choice, but a favorite among the regular clientele.
Dr. Jikyll & Mr. Hyde
3-145 Motomachi B1

+81 45 664 0003

No, there is no misspelling in the name. The infamous Dr. Jekyll has just had a benign transformation. It is a fun place to be, especially in the evening. The decor is American, right down to the signed photographs of Hollywood stars on the walls. The menu is long and varied. The lunch set goes for a very reasonable JPY700. Besides hamburgers, you can select Chinese dishes, salads, or omelets. The latter are a house specialty, with eight kinds available. The house Caesar salad also costs JPY700 and comes in large portions. Local and foreign beers are available, but the main attraction is the cocktails. The claim is that there are 1,300 different ones available here.
Flash Back Cafe
Satsumacho Bldg. 1F
195 Yamashita-cho
Naka-ku, Kanagawa Prefecture
231-0023 Kannai
+81 (0)45 651 9051
As the name suggests this bar is devoted to the music of another era, the 1970s. Located near the northern entrance to Chinatown, it has thousands of tracks, Japanese as well as British and American artists, by all the big stars and most of the minor ones as well. The facade looks like a shop from Carnaby Street of London in the 1960s. Inside, there is seating for 36 at tables and the counter in relative comfort. The menu is predominantly American with such bar favorites as tacos, pizza and burgers and most dishes go for under JPY1,000. They also do an interesting line of cocktails based on peach liquor.

Foggy Guys
Kannai NS Building B1
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
231-0006 Kannai
+81 45 212 5570

Foggy Guys is really hard to define. It has the interior of an upscale English pub, serves a mixture of Spanish and Italian food, and wafts in jazz as the background music. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant place to spend a few hours in good company or an impressive place to take a business client when you want something different to the usual bar. The interior of this pub is amazing. There are chandeliers on the ceiling and antique, or at least antique-looking, tables and chairs to sit in. And the glasses that the drinks are served in look good, too.
Jebel Bar
Zenkawa Maegawa Building 3F
1-2 Honmoku Makado, Naka-ku
+81 (0)45 622 6608
This cocktail bar is strictly for adults. It offers no obligatory funkiness for the beret-wearing college crowd. If you are looking for a place to quietly pull on a martini, Jebel Bar will provide the no frills atmosphere you are looking for. The prices are reasonable here (for Yokohama that is!). Jebel's decor is very simple and almost intentionally humble. There are no bright colors to make you reel after you have had one too many. There is a small blackish counter, and a few tables with comfortable, plush, round seats.
Moon Phase
1-2 Hanasakicho
Riverside Sakuragicho 1F
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
231-0063 Kannai
+81 (0)45 253 2589
Moon Phase lives up to its name by providing a casual, romantic atmosphere right on the water. They serve swell drinks, good food, and a great tropical atmosphere. What more could you ask for? They will even take you for a spin around the bay in a chartered boat, if you do not mind paying extra. Booking advisable if you want to go out in the boat. Moon Phase has a tropical canteen flavor, which will bring back images of either The Beach or Gilligan's Island, depending on how much you drink.
Dai 5 Hiro Bldg. 1F
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
If you prefer to sip your cocktails in the comfort of a deep lounge seat, then this bar is probably not the place for you. If, on the other hand, you do not mind standing while you drink in a place seeped in modern Japanese literature, then make your way to Paris and enjoy. This unique bar has been in continuous operation since it first opened in 1924. One of the giants of twentieth-century Japanese literature, Junichiro Tanizaki, fell in love with it the first time he walked through the door and he made it his regular watering hole for the next thirty years. But he was not alone; many other distinguished writers and artists have been or still are regulars.
Shell Bar
Minato Mirai 2-2-1
Landmark Plaza 5F
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
220-0012 Ishikawacho
+81 (0)45 222 5528
The Shell Bar provides an uncomplicated evening when it comes to both drinking and dining. If you are a cocktail lover, but not into swank, they will serve you a nice selection of cocktails and a simple menu. Prices are nice too, with dishes starting at a mere JPY500, with generous portions. This bar is brightly lit compared with the rest of Yokohama's sea-themed watering holes. They have a nice, round counter, a simple interior, and a refreshing lack of college kid funkiness.
Southern Wind
Live rock and jazz
1-1 Kaigandori
Naka-ku Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
231-0002 Kannai
+81 (0)45 212 1780
If you like listening to live jazz or adult rock while you dine, Southern Wind is a place you will enjoy. It is the kind of place where you can rub shoulders with many of the top local or even visiting musicians, who drop in after their gigs to dine, drink or just get on stage and jam. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, the service very professional, and the food delicious. The interior is decorated to resemble the inside of a ship's cabin. The counter, tables and chairs are made out of dark, seasoned wood, that suggest the elegance of sea travel in the days of the big ocean liners. The lights cast down a slightly orange glow on to the wooden furniture and fittings, adding a touch of romance to the dining experience.
Step back into the sixties
2-1 Chiwakacho
Kanagawa-ku Yokohama
Yokohama Station-- JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and Tokyu-Toyoko Line
+81 45 441 1017
Stardust could be one of the few bars in Japan that still functions around a jukebox. As long as somebody keeps feeding it, the music just keeps on flowing. Not only will the tunes take you back to the 60s, the decor has probably not changed much in the forty or so years that the establishment has been in business. The well-used counter and black leather box-seats bear witness to the history of this bar. Do not expect to eat here, but do enjoy the cocktails while you seep in the nostalgia of your youth. Cocktails are available and there are some pretty good originals.
The Tavern

The Tavern
Popular traditional English pub
Nishiguchi Meiwa Building B1
2-14 Minami Saiwai-cho, Nishi-ku
Yokohama (Nishiguchi exit)

+81 45 322 9727

Like its sister pubs in Tokyo, The Tavern pub serves good, traditional pub food and a variety of English and Irish draft or bottled ales and beers to help it down. It has a cozy, British atmosphere, even when it is crowded. There is an extensive menu of British delights to choose from. Fish & chips, probably the best in town, cost JPY1,200. Add a portion of mushy peas for an extra JPY200. Shepherd's pie and Cornish pasty also cost JPY1,200, and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding costs JPY1,500. Draft Guinness costs JPY950 a pint and Bass JPY800. There is also an Austrian beer, Gosser, on draft at JPY800. Bottled Newcastle Brown Ale costs JPY850.
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